June 26, 2014. More than 2.500 people visited the Teide Observatory in the Open Doors Days.

2.540 people visited the Teide Observatory in the Open Doors Days which took place on the 21th and the 22nd of June 2014. This number of visitors represents an increase of 50% with respect to 2013.

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June 19, 2014: 2nd SOLARNET School, Workshop and SPRING Meeting (Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia, October 5-16, 2014).

The 2nd SOLARNET School "Ground- and space- based solar instruments" as well as the 2nd Workshop "Methods in high resolution and synoptic solar physics" and the 2nd SPRING Meeting will be organized in Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia) on October 5-16, 2014 supported by EC FP7 project SOLARNET.

2nd SOLARNET School

The SOLARNET School is dedicated to PhD students and novel post-doc researchers, working in solar physics. The lectures will be carried out by experienced scientists and give students knowledge on current and future Ground- and space- based solar instruments, observational strategies, post-focus instrumentation and data acquisition. The hands-on sessions will be carried out also at Lomnický štít Observatory on the Double Solar Coronagraph and Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter. There will be given information on the European Solar Telescope (EST) project and on the FP7 SOLARNET project, as well as lectures on complementary skills.

More information about the School at 2nd SOLARNET School.

2nd SOLARNET Workshop & 2nd SPRING Meeting

The SOLARNET Workshop is dedicated to all scientists and students working in solar physics. Modern synoptic solar physics is coming now more close to high resolution solar physics. Synoptic observations need to cover different spatial dimensions on the Sun from small areas up to the whole Sun and with time resolution ranging from seconds to long periods over several decades. Technical improvements, capability and sensitivity of the detectors and post-focus instruments used or planned to be used at future synoptic telescopes meet parameters of today’s high resolution solar physics instrumentation. Also the methods used in high resolution solar physics come to be used in synoptic solar physics.

Thus the aim of the workshop is bringing together “high resolution” and “synoptic” solar physicists and also the Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group (SPRING) organized in SOLARNET dedicated to design a new ground-based network of telescopes for full-disk synoptic observations of the Sun.

For detailed information see 2nd SOLARNET Workshop and 2nd SPRING Meeting.


June 17, 2014. Teide Observatory Open Doors Days: 20th and 21st June, 2014.

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) will organize, as part of its outreach activities, two days visits to the Teide Observatory. The main goal of this activity is to bring astronomy to the general public.

Both days, from 10:00 to 15:00, the IAC offers guided visits to some telescopes as well as direct observations and participation in workshops.

Free entries will be offered in strict order of arrival. Private cars must be parked in the appropriate car parks within the observatory grounds.

The transportation company Titsa has joined to this initiative with a special service on Saturday 21th.

More details at Teide Observatory Open Days.

June 5, 2014. SolarLab: 38 500 students and 140 schoolteachers participated in the first year of the project.

SolarLab is a public outreach initiative which aim is to bring the mysteries of the Sun to the secondary and high schools students in the Canaries Islands.

During two years, and for about a week, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) moves a solar telescope to each of the participating centers to give the students over 12 years old the opportunity to study and appreciate the star that ensures survival on the Earth.

As part of SolarLab, the winners of the competition “Canarians under the same sky” were received at the IAC as a starting point of a two days programme (June 4-5, 2014) that also includes visits to the Teide Observatory, to the Teide National Park and to the Museum of Science and Cosmos. 

The 45 prizewinners (36 students and 9 teachers) are from the 7 Canary Islands and were selected based on the videos they presented to show the work and activities they performed as part of the SolarLab project.

SOLARNET collaborates in SolarLab and shares the goal of making solar physics research more attractive and more comprehensible for young students and for the public in general.

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More details at SolarLab (in Spanish).


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