May 25, 2015. The 3rd SOLARNET Workshop "Polarization in the Sun, the Solar System, and Beyond" started in Granada, Spain.

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The 3rd SOLARNET Workshop “Polarization in the Sun, the Solar System, and Beyond” has been started today in Granada (Spain). This four days even (25-28 May 2015) is organized by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) under the auspices of SOLARNET.

The goal of this workshop is to present the latest advances in astronomical polarimetry and spectropolarimetry, with a focus on the sun, solar system bodies, stars, and exoplanets, and also to bring together the different communities and fostering collaborations between them.

In order to provide a detailed account of the latest developments in these areas -including instrumentation, measurement techniques, data analysis and interpretation- the following sessions have been scheduled:    Instrumentation (ground, space, laboratory)

  •     Diagnostics and Interpretation
  •     Solar Photosphere
  •     Solar Chromosphere, Transition Region, and Corona
  •     Polarization in the Solar System and Exoplanetary Systems
  •     Stellar Magnetic Fields

The workshop is being carried out right after the 3rd SOLARNET School on “Solar Magnetic Fields: Modeling and Measuring Techniques," which also took place the last week in Granada, Spain.

More detais at 3rd SOLARNET Workshop.