Jan. 17, 2014. 1st SOLARNET Spring School and 1st Thematic Workshop. New Deadline: February 19th and February 26th, 2014 respectively.

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The 1st SOLARNET Spring School "Introduction to Solar Physics" and Thematic Workshop "Radiative processes in the Sun and stars" will be organized in Wroclaw, Poland (March 24 - April 4) supported by EC FP7 project SOLARNET. 

The school and Workshop are dedicated to PhD students and novel post-doctoral researchers interested in broadening their knowledge on solar physics. The lectures and hands-on sessions will be carried out by experienced scientists and will cover different solar issues:

  1. Instrumentation for solar observations
  2. The solar interior and dynamo
  3. The solar standard model and helioseismology
  4. Active region formation and evolution
  5. Introduction to radiative transfer and NLTE line formation
  6. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections
  7. Coronal heating
  8. Physics of solar prominences and radiative transfer
  9. Solar and stellar activity
  10. Solar wind

More information at 1st SOLARNET Spring School and 1st Thematic Workshop.