Nov. 12, 2013. SOLARNET Transnational Access and Service Programme. Preliminary results 2013.

The SOLARNET TAS Programme supports the access to solar telescopes and database repositories for external users. During 2013 a total of 82 observing-days have been supported to THEMIS, SST, and VTT telescopes, i. e. 40, 30 and 12 days respectively. That represents 26,18% of the expected amount of access for the SOLARNET four-year grant agreement.


A total of 46 astronomers from 14 countries benefited from this access to the aforementioned telescopes. 15 users received travel and subsistence grants to be on-site during the observations; 60% were new users. Eight groups (projects) were involved.

The SOLARNET TAS Programme specially encourages the participation of researchers and groups from countries not owning/operating similar facilities.


More details at TAS PRELIMINARY REPORT 2013

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