Travel and Subsistence grants Application Form


Allowable Costs

As a general rule, a maximum of two member from the research team awarded with telescope time can be supported with travel and subsistence grants. New users and/or young researchers are especially welcome to this funding opportunity. The group leader will receive by e-mail detailed information about the procedure to apply for these travel and subsistence grants. It is the responsibility of the group leader to decide which member of the user group will be supported.

The SOLARNET Project Office will directly pay travel and accommodation costs. Team members will be contacted to follow their preferences.

TRAVEL EXPENSES: Travel costs are either (a) the cheapest economy class air fare from the researchers' place of work to the observatory, or (b) the actual cost of travel, whichever is more economical. Train tickets can be also covered if needed. The following cannot be considered as allowable costs: private car costs, Rental cars (apart from the rental car at the Observatory), local travels in the city or locality of your home institution or any other travel costs not mentioned above.

ACCOMMODATION AND SUBSISTENCE: Accommodation and Subsistence costs for the entire duration of the observing run (plus a minimum number of nights really necessary), including food and lodging, but excluding telephone calls, laundry and any other extras, are eligible. Users are invited to book at OT/ORM Residence. The SOLARNET Project Office will inform staff at the Residences about this funding support, so users will not be invoiced at their departure. Additional nights at sea-level, when necessary, and following users' preferences, will be booked and directly paid by the SOLARNET Project Office. Other accommodation costs (additional nights on site and/or at country of origin) will not be refunded.

RENTAL CAR: A car will be available at your arrival at the Canary Islands (Tenerife or La Palma airports). The SOLARNET Project Office will inform you about the Rental Car Agency to pick up the vehicle. The use of this car will be restricted to the ascent and descent from the Observatory as well as inside the Observatory. The vehicle will be provided with a full tank, and may be returned to the agency at your departure without refuelling. It has been estimated that one full tank is more than enough for expected journeys during your observing period. It is necessary to have a driver's license in force, which will be required by the Agency's staff. They will inform you about rights, obligations and responsibilities. Any additional or improper use of this vehicle, or failure to comply with current traffic regulations, will be your own responsibility. In the case you have not drivers' licence in force, or you prefer not to take the rental car, taxi service from the airport to the Observatory, and return, will be covered. This service will be also booked and paid by the SOLARNET Project Office (inform us well in advance).

Both members of the observing team supported by these travel and subsistence grants are expected to share the rental car or the taxi option. This support cannot be offered individually.

User Questionnaire

Group leaders of a project supported under the SOLARNET Trans-national Access and Service Programme are kindly requested to complete a "User Group Questionnaire". This questionnaire needs to be submitted once by each user group as soon as the access to the infrastructure has been completed. In case the group leader was not one of the astronomers accessing to the facility, he/she should take into consideration the opinion of those team members who were on site, and supported by the Programme.


User Group Questionnaire


All replies will be treated in strictest confidence by the European Commission. The information given will only be used for monitoring and assessment purposes.

Travel and Subsistence grants

Observing teams awarded with telescope time under the SOLARNET TAS Programme receive free access to the telescope as well as scientific and technical support to carry out the observations. EC funds are also available to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs during the observing run. A maximum of two members from the research team can be supported. We encourage group leaders to involve new users and/or young researchers as beneficiaries for, at least, one of the travel and subsistence grants available. In any case, it is the responsibility of the group leader to decide which member of the team will be supported.

In the event the proposed beneficiary for these grants was not included into the original proposal (i.e. new PhD students, etc), group leader will be requested to justify it. Please, make sure that the inclusion of new members does not turn your team into not eligible, according to EC rules.

Once the group leader has received the official confirmation of telescope time awarded, he/she is invited to ask those team members who will benefit from these travel and subsistence grants to complete the following application form.


T&S Application Form


Users are advised not to make any bookings/reservations if they want to take advantage of this funding opportunity. Following your preferences, The SOLARNET Project Office will book and directly pay for all your travel tickets and accommodation costs once your grant had been confirmed.

Under normal circumstances, only applications received two weeks before the observing run will be considered.

We kindly ask you to read first the information related to ALLOWABLE COSTS

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